Our Mission


Our mission is to help people reach their potential through the mastery of good manners and social skills. We use modern experiences and research to curate our lessons so that students of all ages can feel confident, polished, and magnetic in social and professional spaces.



Founder of The Modern School of Manners, Asha Hornaday, is a certified etiquette consultant.

Asha Hornaday, the Founder of The Modern School of Manners, brings a wealth of expertise as a certified etiquette consultant. Recognized as a trusted authority, she serves as a valuable guide for navigating the intricacies of social and professional decorum.

Drawing from her natural charisma and diverse life experiences, Asha has cultivated a reputation for helping individuals excel in every facet of their lives. Her teachings cover topics that are not only relatable but also essential for navigating the complexities of real-world social and business interactions. Asha’s lessons are thoughtfully curated to align with the ever-evolving norms of contemporary society.

Asha’s academic journey led her to Webster University in St. Louis, where she pursued studies in public relations and political science. With over a decade of experience in event planning, PR, and marketing, she has held pivotal roles at prestigious organizations including Universal Music Group, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Google, and Intel.

In her role as a certified etiquette consultant, Asha Hornaday not only imparts valuable lessons but also exemplifies the principles of grace and professionalism in her own career journey.

“Once I started The Modern School of Manners I instantly felt closer to my purpose. Helping people become more confident through the improvement of their social skills brings me so much joy.”


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I hire The Modern School of Manners to teach a course for special events?

Absolutely! We love to provide our services for birthday parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, and other special occasions. Please email us to make arrangements to have us at your next event.

Where are lessons held?

Lessons can be held virtually or in person depending on the location and what package you decide to purchase.

How can I sign up for classes?

You can sign up for classes by submitting a request to schedule a course on our website. From there you will book the type of course you’re interested in, if you’d like to take it in-person or virtually, and the dates you are interested in.

Do you offer a train-the-trainer program?

We’re working on finalizing this now! Sign up for our email list to get updates on when this is available.

How long is each class?

It varies. It can be a 1-hour intensive or a course that we break up into 2 days depending on what lessons you’re interested in and what your goals are.

Should I be nervous?

No! We promise this will be a FUN experience regardless of the class!

What our students say

hint: they love us

Working with The Modern School of Manners is a transformative experience. If you are ready to change your life, nobody is better than the masters of leveling up your interpersonal skills.


Laura Jackson

Modern School of Manners Client

Asha has provided me invaluable counsel on matters related to the deeper implications of professionalism and considerations for long-term career planning. I believe the degree of support she has offered me speaks volumes about her dedication to virtue and class.


Ryan Quinones

Partner, Amendment 2 Consultants

The Modern School of Manners team prepared an informational and fun workshop series for our 7th and 8th-grade classes. We loved that they connected with students by incorporating TikTok trends and pop culture references in their lessons. We can’t wait to have them back next year!


Hixson Middle School

Modern School of Manners Client

As an Associate Attorney at a high profiled law firm in New York City, I knew I needed to confront my social anxiety to maintain my professional and competent image to stakeholders. Asha helped me develop the self-awareness skills I needed to feel confident and sophisticated while interacting with my high profiled-clientele.


L. Warren

Modern School of Manners Client

Asha proves that etiquette extends beyond the dinner table. She has advised me from job interviews to social events, to navigating tough situations in the workplace – all with poise and tact. I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to develop professional and overall life skills.


Kendall Cousin

Director of International Marketing, Warner Records

The Modern School of Manners services has been impactful beyond measure. Their coaching has helped me build confidence and elevate my professional brand to remain true to who I am, yet be competitive in my industry. If you want longevity and growth in your career, you need her to help you.


Jon Alexander

Director & Cinematographer, THRIII Motion Pictures

We recently enrolled our twins in one of the private “Etiquette for Teens” courses and were blown away by the team at The Modern School of Manners. Not only did the girls learn invaluable dining and social skills, but the team was also fun, patient, and nurturing. We are so grateful to have worked with them. They tailored the class perfectly to teach them exactly what they needed to brush up on. We can’t wait to share this experience with our friends and family.


J. and E. Rosen

Proud Parents, 13-year-old twin girls

I took a private course with Asha and wow! I learned so much from her dining etiquette course. She’s so captivating and intelligent that I could have listened to her for hours. I was nervous because I thought I’d be bored, but I was far from that. This was one of the most exciting and informational classes I’ve ever taken. Thank you, Asha!


I. Goldmann

Modern School of Manners Client
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