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The Modern School of Manners is an etiquette school that takes a modern approach to teaching good manners and social skills.

Our values are rooted in traditional etiquette instruction where we believe etiquette is simply: how you show people respect, honesty, and consideration. However, we understand that etiquette today is different than when your grandmother went to finishing school. All of our courses are curated to reflect the society that we live in today. We’re constantly researching trends, taking notes from our everyday interactions, and listening to our client’s stories so that we can deliver the best possible services.

Whether you want your child to improve their manners, build confidence in your own social skills, or offer professional development training to your company or organization, you’ve found the right partners to help you.

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manners matter

85% of one’s success comes from having well‐developed social skills, and only 15% of one’s success comes from technical skills, knowledge, and education.

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Of people have experienced social anxiety or shyness
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Parents say that their child needs to learn better manners
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of teenagers say that social media is making their peers rude
people want to feel more confident


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Our most popular courses give you plenty of options and opportunities to brush up on your etiquette skills.

What our students say

Hint: They Love Us

Working with The Modern School of Manners is a transformative experience. If you are ready to change your life, nobody is better than the masters of leveling up your interpersonal skills.


Laura Jackson

Modern School of Manners Client

Asha has provided me invaluable counsel on matters related to the deeper implications of professionalism and considerations for long-term career planning. I believe the degree of support she has offered me speaks volumes about her dedication to virtue and class.


Ryan Quinones

Partner, Amendment 2 Consultants

The Modern School of Manners team prepared an informational and fun workshop series for our 7th and 8th-grade classes. We loved that they connected with students by incorporating TikTok trends and pop culture references in their lessons. We can’t wait to have them back next year!


Hixson Middle School

Modern School of Manners Client

As an Associate Attorney at a high profiled law firm in New York City, I knew I needed to confront my social anxiety to maintain my professional and competent image to stakeholders. Asha helped me develop the self-awareness skills I needed to feel confident and sophisticated while interacting with my high-profiled clientele.


L. Warren

Modern School of Manners Client
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our fearless leader


Asha Hornaday, the Founder of The Modern School of Manners, brings a wealth of expertise as a certified etiquette consultant. Recognized as a trusted authority, she serves as a valuable guide for navigating the intricacies of social and professional decorum.


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